Why VelPure?

The VelPure Difference - What Sets Us Apart?

There is a huge range of deer antler velvet (DAV) products on the market, and the quality varies hugely. Many inferior products sold online fall well short of the dosage required to achieve therapeutic benefits. 

So, why should you choose VelPure rather than one of our competitors products?

Firstly, our deer antler velvet is the finest quality, harvested from free-roaming, grass-fed New Zealand red deer at the peak of potency under strict guidelines enforced by the New Zealand Food Standards Authority. Our deer are routinely tested and monitored for disease and agricultural and chemical contaminants, including chronic wasting disease (CWD), pesticides, fertilizers and PCB's. New Zealand is widely acknowledged as producing the purest, best quality deer antler velvet in the world.

Our triple extraction process then concentrates the essential proteins, amino acids, and IGF factors, providing enhanced bioavailability of up to 80% - compared to typically 10-20% for most other products on the market. Our product is also ’standardised’, meaning its active content has been analysed during processing and its Active IGF-1 and Growth factors level set to a predetermined level to ensure guaranteed potency and consistent efficacy effects.

Because of such huge variations in quality and potency, it’s very difficult for the consumer to make an informed decision, so we set out to empower our customers by presenting an 'apples vs apples' comparison of VelPure Ultra with some of the other leading DAV products available. Here are the results: